Currently Reading | Defining Decade

Defining Decade

If there was a book that I wish I had read years ago, it would be this, Defining Decade. So much of it just resonated on so many levels. Having always enjoyed school and getting report cards, it was easy to know how well you were doing at life. So seeing it so blankly put […]

Run The Blades

Run The Blades

Run The Blades is a running event within Whitelee Windfarm, combining a 10K, Half Marathon or Ultra race. Be warned it’s rather windy! Running is an odd thing, I had this race in my calendar for months, yet wasn’t motivated to train properly. The weeks after marathon, were a blur of enjoyable runs, but not […]

Making Friends

Remember at school, how easy it was to make friends? You would go play in the playground and instantly have a best friend. Sleepovers and play dates just sealed the deal. Moving around you learn how to make friends quickly and to be honest it’s pretty easy. At schools, particularly ones laden with expat kids, […]

Currently Reading | Into The Water

Into the Water, is the second novel by Paula Hawkins, after her successful Girl On the Train. Another psychological suspense thriller. When your first novel is that good, it’s always going to be difficult to top. I absolutely loved Girl On the Train, although admittedly haven’t seen the film. I had high hopes for Paula’s […]

Body Image

Body Image. We all have it. How we think we look, this may be accurate, as in, we see exactly what is there. Or it might be warped, we can either see what we want to see, or we twist it into a more negative outlook. I would love to see an exact clone of […]

Marathon Monday | What People Don’t Tell You

So you want to run a marathon or a half-marathon? Great! It’s an amazing thing. My take on marathon advice. Warning, there is a lot of things that people don’t tell you. Or rather they do tell you, but you sort of ignore their advice and eventually understand what they were saying! The Chafing Honesty […]