Currently Reading | Before I Go To Sleep.


The choice of this book was partly based on the film adaptation that I want to see and partly on the fact I didn’t realize it was originally a book, after seeing it in the Top 10 Amazon list, I decided to download it.

I was not disappointed. My weekend was spent reading this book, whether in Starbucks, on the DLR or in bed. It’s one of those books that grips you from the start. We’ve all had a conversation with someone where we forget a crucial bit of information only to feel slightly stupid when we realize we have forgotten what was said. Imagine waking up daily and not having a clue who you are, eventually knowing that whatever you learnt today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Oyster & Railcard.


The other week, I stumbled upon the fact that loading my 16-25 Railcard onto my Oyster card gave me 33% off travel during off-peak times. I am mainly travelling during rush hour (yay sweaty tube times!) the discount is definitely useful for travel around the weekend. To activate the discount, register your oyster card at any Underground Station and take your Railcard with you. Super simple and does save some pennies! I think the tube is a great system, but travelling around definitely adds up.

First Paycheck.


So my bank balance looks a lot healthier as of this morning, thanks to my first grown-up salaried paycheck. This weekend is going to be one of guilt free spending and treating myself to a few ‘treats’, including lunch and getting a manicure. I have, begrudgingly sat down with my Dad to sort out my budget and savings plans as part of my 101. Will do a detailed update next year when I have got into more of a routine.

Did anyone else buy themselves a first payday present?