Classic Films | Top Gun & Pretty Woman

True confession, I am not good at watching films. Not really sure why, but I just haven’t seen any classics. It is definitely a pet peeve of Ben’s. As apart of my 101 challenge, I agreed to watch 10 classics. Have now seen 2 – Top Gun & Pretty Woman.

Despite doing a degree in planes, I somehow never saw Top Gun. The cheesey music trailer didn’t really do it for me. I will, however, eat my words. It was surprisingly good and the graphics were admittedly dated but still an achievement for when it was created. I have heard rumours that a new Top Gun 2 is coming out so will go and watch that.

Pretty Woman is my new favourite film. A true Cinderella story! Julia Roberts is hilarious in the film and does not miss a beat. Loved the infamous Rodeo Drive scenes.

Any classic suggestions?!

Turtle Bay.

Fancy a change of scenery and atmosphere for a good meal and even better cocktails? Turtle Bay, a Caribbean themed restaurant and bar has popped up everywhere in England. A favourite of mine since my first year at uni in Southampton, with 2 for 1 on cocktails from 12-7pm and 10pm onwards. The cocktail deal has certainly been well used. The decor is similar in all the venues. I love the fairy lights which twinkle both day and night. The rum menu is extensive as you can see at the bar.

Since discovering Turtle Bay in first year, I have admittedly tried a large amount of the cocktails. Here are some of the Instagram snaps I have taken.





Increasingly we all use our laptop and phones to act as a calendar. I still love the idea of writing dates down on paper and often find it easier to plan further ahead. Filofax do lovely organizers at all price ranges and sizes, for both male and females. For Ben’s graduation present, I bought him an A5 Filofax in black leather. I have the green personal size whilst my Mum also has a personal size but in purple.

There are so many different types of paper you can buy, depending on what you want to use the filofax for.

To-Do lists.

General paper in colour.

Each year comes with a year to view page, which is surprisingly useful!

My favourite neon page markers and post-it notes.

Different type of diaries, varying by size/type/colour.

The difference between the A5 day per page and personal week on two pages!

So many different combinations.