Currently Reading | The Sister

The Sister

I could not put this book down, which tied in nicely to travelling a bit! From the very start you want to know who Grace is, what exactly she has done. Charlie, the main character is fascinating, she is devastated by the loss of Grace and the toll it takes on both her and her husband, Dan. All of whom had been best friends at school, sort of in a blood brothers way.  As the book unfolds, you start to doubt Charlie, but question Grace and what she did, and what role Grace’s mother has in the whole affair. All whilst trying to work out what Charlie did to end up at her new school. A lot going on leading to a sit and read in one sitting sort of book.


Currently Reading | The Racketeer

The Racketeer

John Grisham needs no introduction as an author, his crime novels are world famous. Growing up my Mum had most of the books, which were inevitably passed onto me and well read. The Racketeer is not a new book, released almost 4 years ago but it was new to me. A standard John Grisham book of who has done it. The day I manage to tie all the plotlines together will be a very happy day.

Reading this did make me want to go to the Caribbean though! What is your favourite John Grisham novel? Did not realise that John Grisham was a qualified lawyer!

Currently Reading | The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door

Another day and yet another thriller read, courtesy of The Stylist’s Thriller booklist. As previously mentioned I am sort of using that list as my summer reading, remember like the lists you used to get in school. I used to love the feeling of going shopping and getting all 6 books to read, with the new book smell and watching the books move from the to-read to read pile.

I could not put this book down, as in more or less read in the entire sitting. The idea of leaving an infant whilst at a party next door, has very similar feelings to The McAnn case. Except this case has more evidence and clues. Having suffered from mental illness, I am scared of one day (if I was to ever have kids), suffering from post natal depression. Anne (the mother of the missing baby) is an incredible character I could really relate to some of her symptoms. The whole book had me wanting to read the next page, next chapter etc. The ending sent a shiver down my spine!

It’s always Pimm’s O’Clock

Pimm’s makes everything better. Pour Pimm’s, add lemonade, add fruit and mix. Drink up and enjoy.

Pimms O'Clock

Pimms O'Clock

I tend to let the fruit soak in Pimm’s. The smell alone is enough to make me giddy. Just look at my rather mischievous smile. After an hour or so of letting the fruit soak, I add more Pimm’s and top with lemonade. Still need to get my hands on a Pimm’s jug!

Pimms O'Clock

Pimms O'Clock

However, my new favourite – Pimm’s Royale. Pimm’s topped with prosecco and a few strawberries for good measure. It’s that simple and delicious and really amazing. I tend to always have bottle of prosecco in the house but never lemonade. (Great excuse for Pimm’s!). If you want to be extra fancy, add a dash of chambord.

Pimms O'Clock

Currently Reading | The Method

The Method

It’s summer, not that you can really tell in Scotland at the minute, with the constant rain and cold but summer does mean one thing, summer reading. I love easy to read thrillers and this book was no exception. From the start of the book you want Lisa to survive, yet you also want to find out how exactly she is going to use the various assets and how they will be used in tangent. Lisa is not your average run of the mill teenager as evidenced by collecting seemingly pointless assets whilst being held captive.