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  • How not to Climb Conic Hill

    Conic Hill

    Want to climb Conic Hill? Has it snowed in the last week? Therefore likely to be icy, here is what not to do when climbing Conic Hill. Conic Hill is about 20 miles from Glasgow, with a large car park in Balmaha where you start your hike. The staff in the office were really helpful, […]

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  • Currently Reading | Get Your Sh*t Together

    Get Your Sh*t together

    Need some honest, tough love? Read Get Your Sh*T together. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh but also a lot of oh, I do that moments. Or rather for me their was a lot of Oh, yeah I do that. The book is split into 4 big chapters, from the meaning of getting your sh*t together, […]

  • Cooking
  • Five Veg Lasagne

    Five Veg Lasagne

    This Five Veg Lasagne recipe is a variation on the one in BBC Good Food.  It’s great on many levels, easy to make, minimal cooking (one pan, one dish), easy way to make sure you eat some vegetables. If you happen to have some vegetables that are going off, chuck them in a pan with […]

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  • Currently Reading | Pretty Girls

    Pretty Girls

    Is there anything better then getting lost in a book? I got totally engrossed in Pretty Girls and read it in a day. Including the staying up way passed my bedtime to read it. Pretty Girls is another book I found through Goodreads, after one of my favourite bloggers, Carly of College Prepster posted about […]

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  • Lime Cheesecake

    Lime Cheesecake

    This Lime Cheesecake recipe has been around for awhile. My Mum has a cookbook that is filled with recipes from over the years, some handwritten from other family and friends, others leaflets picked up from the store. As is the case for this Sainsbury’s Lime Cheesecake Tart which we have adapted slightly. The best about […]

  • Mental Health
  • Time


    Time is quite literally relative. It’s a funny thing, something that easily stresses me out. I could give you loads of equations on time, how it affects other variables. Ultimately, we all have the same number of minutes and hours in the day. Writing this all down is a step for me. I was driving […]