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  • Currently Reading | Fates and Furies

    Fates and Furies

    So often you have to re-start a book to actually enjoy it. This was the case for both Fates and Furies and the first ever Harry Potter book. For HP, I was slightly too young when I first started reading it, six months later I was obsessed. With Fates and Furies, I just didn’t enjoy […]

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  • Marathon Monday #2

    Marathon Monday #2

    Remember the old sticker charts you used to get at school? When you did something good, you got a gold star. Well, I am awarding myself a Gold Star for Marathon Monday #2. No skipped training sessions, 100 miles in 2 weeks, 1 race. My perspective switched, I started to break up each session, finding running […]

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  • Currently Reading | How To Murder Your Life

    How To Murder Your Life

    Book #6 of the year was brilliant, insightful, funny and quite a whirlwind. How To Murder Your Life, is a memoir by Cat Marnell. Otherwise known as that beauty editor, who oh so publicly admitted to being a drug addict. Her book does not hold book. It’s painfully evident she wrote the book, she mentions […]

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  • One Square Afternoon Tea

    One Square

    Things I love, cake, tea/coffee, bubbles, scones and having no cares in the world. Last weekend I took my Mum out for a belated birthday present, to One Square in Edinburgh for Afternoon Tea. The Scotland vs Ireland match was on, which only added to the buzz about Edinburgh. You couldn’t help but giggle when […]

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  • Currently Reading | Missing Presumed

    Missing Presumed

    Missing Presumed is a classic thriller. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, Missing Presumed will be right up your street. It has some interesting comments on society, how we treat different classes and how the police react to someone who is missing. As expected, there was plenty of twists and turns in the plot. Some I […]

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  • Marathon Monday #1

    Following on from last year’s 1000 mile posts, I thought I would change up how I blog about my running. So introducing Marathon Monday, named after the infamous Boston Marathon which yes, takes place on a Monday. Here we have  Marathon Monday #1. Confession, I am three weeks into my training plan and have yet […]