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Running Like a Girl

This book accurately sums my life up. Guess what, I’ve got thighs, and guess what they rub together when they run. So shorts are out of my comfort level, similar to Alexandra. I also have days when my legs don’t work, they feel heavy and sluggish. I then have a great day. But you train the miles and do the intervals for race day. There is no better feeling than having a crowd cheer you on when you are running.

‘In running it doesn’t matter if you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say “I have finished.” There is a lot of satisfaction in that.’

— Fred Lebow, New York City marathon co-founder

This book was filled with inspirational quote and plenty of tips for any runner. (I still don’t classify myself as a runner, rather someone who likes running!) It’s true, the hardest part is always getting your shoes on and getting out the door, a mile is a mile and you won’t regret it. Joining a run club as Alexandra mentions is a great way to get started or keep motivated.

Thanks Briony for the recommendation. I wish I had noted every time that I said, Yes, or I do that!


Sunrise at Gretna, the advantage of the first train of the day

4 am trains, quick catch ups on train station benches, saying goodbye but not knowing when the next time you will see someone or what country you will be in, part of the whirlwind of expat friendship. In the past three weeks I’ve managed to catch up with a lot of old school friends and the short time I saw each person rarely had a minute silence.

It’s a weird aspect of growing up abroad, then going to uni down south and moving up to Scotland. I’ve got lots of good friends, scattered all around the world but I see them once in a blue moon. Then in the last month, I’ve caught up with plenty of old friends, from uni to school. You wait for a bus and you get 3!

When I was younger I used to want to be part of a big group of friends, but I’ve realised I much prefer having a few close friends, who I can rely on. Social Media and whatsapp have made it easier to stay in contact with friends all across the world.This blogpost by Cupcakes and Cashmere, accurately sums up how I feel about growing out of friendships and a friendship being right for a given moment or aspect of your life.



The majority of my catchups with friends tend to revolve around cupcakes

IMG_1373or a pretty drink

Currently Reading | Creativity Inc

Creativity inc

You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me

Whenever I call my Mum (which is a lot), she has this as her ringtone. Which can often lead to her not answering as she is too busy singing. To say I love Toy Story is a slight understatement, I’ve got the DVDs, some lego, the old toys and I used to have brown riding boots with Andy written on the sole, backwards N and all.

Creativity, Inc is a must read if you are a Toy Story kid like me or have an interest in how to keep inspired and creative in your day job. Working in technology, I was fascinated with the stories of how animation has changed to make use of computers and how people didn’t expect computer animated films to be successful.

I highlighted a lot on my Kindle, to the point that I want a hardcopy of the book. So much rang true for me, especially relating to failure. It’s been two years since I failed my masters and I still get a bit caught up about it, even though it makes no difference.

From a very early age, the message is drilled into our heads: Failure is bad; failure means you didn’t study or prepare; failure means you slacked off or—worse!—aren’t smart enough to begin with. Thus, failure is something to be ashamed of. This perception lives on long into adulthood, even in people who have learned to parrot the oft-repeated arguments about the upside of failure.

Turns out all the classic pixar films had some elements of failure. Including a fairly major one in Toy Story 2, somehow, the Unix command /bin/rm -r -f * was accidentally ran, deleting a lot of the work. Then the backup failed, luckily someone had a backup drive at home. Amazing to think, unfortunate events happen to everyone.

Another fact I loved was the history of the name Pixar. I also love how Pixar as a company encourage communication between everyone, regardless of level or role, and the importance of working on stuff you are passionate about it.

Creativity, Inc 01

Creativity, Inc 02

Currently Reading |The Girl Who Lied

The Girl Who Lied

Predictable plot-line, romance, sort of thriller, not my cup of tea. I love a thriller, and an easy to read book but this book did nothing for me. The main character, Erin really annoyed me. As did her London friends and boyfriend. I’m now at the stage where my last few books have been easy beach reads, so going to turn back to non-fiction books for awhile. That may take slightly longer to read but equally keep me engaged slightly more!

Any recommendations?

1000 miles – seven months in

1000 miles July

July was a much better month for running, following a dip in June I decided to try and get back into running properly. I managed 121.4 miles, so just short of 200km! This month had it all, new routes, longer runs, disgustingly sweaty circuit reps, the hottest day of the year, torrential rain. You name it really.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 14.49.17

Getting ever closer to the 1000 mile marker. Still toying with trying  to get to 1200 miles. Fingers crossed, I will definitely manage the 1000 I set out to!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 14.49.27Part of my bore with running, was the repeating of the same runs week in, week out. I did an 8 miler, along the Cycle Path that got diverted, so ended up at the corner of Bulldale Street and Dumbarton Road and these rather interesting sculptures. Hedgehogs on wheels, with various boats on the top?

IMG_0871Some creepy eyes!

1000 miles July

Ah Shawfield, also known to have the 0.5 mile loop reps near the Greyhound stadium. 8 times in total. Don’t let the smiles fool you.

1000 miles - July

From torrential rain giving the drowned rat look to the hottest day of the year.

1000 miles July

1000 miles July

1000 miles July

Top tip – always follow a sweaty run with ice-cream. Always.

1000 miles July

I also managed my longest ever run, 16 miles. Getting on and off this chair was not particularly pretty or painfree. Hello seized up legs. Not training for a marathon, yet, that’s 2017 goal, but want to start upping how far I can run. A year ago the thought of doing a half marathon made me feel ill. This run did teach me to start researching into gels and taking on more sugar during the run itself. After finishing, I couldn’t drink enough water but equally was not hungry at all and ended up feeling like I had a dreadful hangover. Thought running was meant to be good for you?!

Does anyone have any recommendations for good gels, advice etc?

1000 miles July

My battle with depression and anxiety, still has its good and bad days. On the bad days I try to channel it, even by doing a short run and wearing my favourite top, for SAMH. You never know who might see this top whilst you are out and who else might just get the help they need.

1000 miles July

A brief trip down to London led to a couple of runs down there. I did find it funny how both times I got asked to give directions, when I was clueless myself. Paddington Recreation Ground was an amazing park though, a few loops to-do, a track and some fitness kit. Very popular on a Saturday morning!
1000 miles July

1000 miles July

Track reps continue to be difficult. I mean looking at a 400m track, it doesn’t look that big. But try doing 800m, 400m, 800m, 800m, 400m, 800m. With varying rests in between, not pretty! Yet another MRF picture with everyone smiling just because the session is over!

1000 miles July