Pitchers of Pimms

Pitchers Of Pimm's

It’s July, it’s hot, the tennis is on, which can only mean one thing. Pimm’s season, having posted my recipe of Pimm’s a year ago. I decided to honor the season in a slightly different manner. By showing some of the best pitches out there, barring of course just buying the Pimm’s own pitcher. A lot of the larger supermarkets will have deals on to get a free pitcher when you buy a bottle!

John Lewis Summer Palm Soda Pitcher, Red, one of many pieces in the JL own line.

Marks and Spencers Drink Dispenser, not a pitcher as such but you could definitely use this for easy serving then scoop out the fruit!

Marks and Spencers Acrylic Rainbow Jug, I definitely have the wine glasses that much this.

George Home Yellow Soda Jug, because yellow instantly means summer.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading

The start of summer, okay more like the last week used to be spent cramming all the books in that I was meant to have read. In particular for my GCSE years, so about 10 years ago (gulp). I’ve decided the next three books I am going to read are going to be slightly less trashy and more factual. With the above view, plenty of coffee and hopefully some sun.

Very Good Lives

Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination. I love JK Rowling and was definitely a Harry Potter kid. I am intrigued to her thoughts on failure, as we have all been there but are reluctant to always admit it.

David and Goliath

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants. The Tipping Point was one of the first non-fiction books that I read that I enjoyed and still remember.


Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. I definitely talk too much, often in situations where I shouldn’t. Hopefully this book will help me understand both introvert and extrovert types.

Gym Bag Heroes

Gym Bag Heroes

My gym bag heroes are a mismatch of products, from a towel (yes really), to a hairbrush. I’ve found having two of everything to be a massive help, one permanently in my wash bag and one in my bathroom. I use a huge Cath Kidston Wash bag as I find it fits full size items as well as every kirby grip I own.

Firstly dry shampoo, exercising daily tends to result in greasy hair and more often that not me with my hair in a bun. This COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo Paris smells incredible and leaves my hair feeling a lot cleaner, perfect for letting me brush my hair out and actually have my hair down.

Gym Bag Heroes - COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo Paris

Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel helps me too cool down as my body temperature goes through the roof during exercise and is cooling to theskin!

Gym Bag Heroes - Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel

Sweat = oil. Oil = spots. So in a bid to stop this I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub as soon as I shower, to get rid of as much oil as possible. I then use my normal cleanser and toner. I’ve been using the scrub since I was a teenager and no high end brand can beat it.

Gym Bag Heroes - St Ives Apricot Scrub

If I do wash my hair, 2 products make my life a lot easier. The Turbie Twist helps my hair to dry quickly, and allows me to get ready whilst my hair is tied out the way. The Tangle Teezer is an essential, my hair is super thin and knots easily, this brush solves all my problems.

Gym Bag Heroes - Turbie Twist and Tangle Teezer

Currently Listening to: Jamie XX and James Bay

Jamie XX and James Bay

Jamie/James are my most played for the last month, perfect music for both work, driving, chilling at the end of the day. Each month, I am going to try and post my new favourite album! So here is June’s selections.

The XX are definitely one of my favorite bands. Endless late nights finishing coursework were spent with them on repeat. Jamie XX’s debut album In Colour came out at the end of May and I have constantly been listening to it. I find all the songs really bobby and frequently catch myself bobbing my head to the songs both in work and on the train. Not the best look!

James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm has been on repeat since it debuted in March. My absolute favourite song is Best Fake Smile. Although, I do also love Let It Go (yes both the frozen one and James Bay’s own song by the same title.)

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

My new favourite quote is now on a bag, “The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea.” Being a keen sailor for years, I can abide to the healing properties of salt water, more recently with being a gym bunny, sweat really does cure all. You never regret a bad workout, in the sense that you did more than just sit at home.

On Friday night, I went along to Sweaty Betty for a nutrition talk. Admittedly, I did not pay the most attention in lectures at uni, but somehow for this talk, I wrote about 4 pages! My love of baking will never fade, but I am definitely trying to understand food a bit more and what to put in specifically for exercise.

We were treated to drinks from Juice Warrior, a local Glasgow juice press company. I had a Pina-Kale-Ada which was fab. Normally Kale can be quite overpowering, but this juice was really refreshing.

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

The Sweaty Betty store is my dream workout wardrobe. Loads of colour, from pastels to neons and all the patterns in between.

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

We also got a huge selection of snacks from Healthy Nibbles. The bag was full to the brim!

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

I love the idea of free fitness classes, will definitely be trying yoga post work.

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

Sweaty Betty, Juice Warriors, Healthy Nibbles

Sweaty Betty, Healthy Nibbles, Juice Warriors

Nudie Snacks, Propercorn, Alibi Health Drink, Virtue Ice Tea
Oloves, Eat Real Hummus Chips, Chai Mylk, Itsu Crispy Seaweed Things
Pana Chocolate

I have already eaten the hummus chips and can safely say I am a convert. Not that it needed much persuasion as hummus is my number one favourite food, specifically the Eat and Drink hummus!

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