Currently Reading | Into The Water

Into the Water, is the second novel by Paula Hawkins, after her successful Girl On the Train. Another psychological suspense thriller. When your first novel is that good, it’s always going to be difficult to top. I absolutely loved Girl On the Train, although admittedly haven’t seen the film. I had high hopes for Paula’s […]

Body Image

Body Image. We all have it. How we think we look, this may be accurate, as in, we see exactly what is there. Or it might be warped, we can either see what we want to see, or we twist it into a more negative outlook. I would love to see an exact clone of […]

Marathon Monday | What People Don’t Tell You

So you want to run a marathon or a half-marathon? Great! It’s an amazing thing. My take on marathon advice. Warning, there is a lot of things that people don’t tell you. Or rather they do tell you, but you sort of ignore their advice and eventually understand what they were saying! The Chafing Honesty […]

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Glasgow

Tim Hortons Glasgow, a place for all your timbits, and iced coffee dreams to come true! The Canadian brand has finally ventured into UK soil. Luckily for us here in Glasgow, they choose to set up shop at the bottom of Union St. Which is dangerously close to my office and the train station… Tim […]

Currently Reading | Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why first came to my attention as a Netflix series. I had seen many a mental health charities speaking about the series. So I watched it. It’s a difficult watch. The topics of suicide and sexual abuse are frank and honest. Admittedly, for different reasons I couldn’t watch the actual suicide scene, choosing […]

Green Goddess Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing

It’s lean, it’s mean and yes its very green. Green Goddess dressing, a vegan friendly salad dressing, simple ingredients that takes seconds to blend! Transforms any salad. I have seen many a recipe for this on the internet so did my own variation. You basically need, herbs (chives, basil, flat leaf parsley), some spring onions, […]