Currently Reading | What Made Maddy Run

What Made Maddy Run

What Made Maddy Run, a brilliant insight into the world that was Maddy Holleran’s. The original article #SplitImage, is what inspired me to talk openly about my struggles with depression. Starting with my LifeUnfiltered post. I still remember sitting at work reading the article, all but crying and thinking, oh, I need to stop hiding. […]

Currently Reading | The Kind Worth Killing

The Kind Worth Killing

You can’t beat a good thriller novel, one that you can properly get lost in. The Kind Worth Killing was definitely this. The premise is simple, a man meets a female pre boarding a transatlantic flight in a bar. It’s not what you think. The man confesses to wanting to kill his wife, to which […]

Currently Reading | The Power

The Power, a book about a group of girls who wake up to find they have power. The power being electrical jolts from their fingers. It’s not what you expect the book to be at all. Initally I thought this book would just be an easy read, much like the girls with the travelling pants, […]

Chasing Excellence

Chasing Excellence

Approximately over a week ago, I ended up watching Fittest on Earth on Netflix. For context, I had just done Run the Blades and was in chill out mode before Angel-Angel. So with ice-cream in hand, I sat and watched the film. This has led to a bit of an out of nowhere CrossFit obsession. […]

Angel – Angel

Angel - Angel

Sometimes you get ideas into your head that seem like a really really good idea. Driving on the M80, just outside of Glasgow is an Angel statue. Formally known as The Angel of Cumbernauld, or Arria. After some googling, it turns out it is by the same sculptor, Andy Scott, who did the Kelpies. Andy […]

Currently Reading | Defining Decade

Defining Decade

If there was a book that I wish I had read years ago, it would be this, Defining Decade. So much of it just resonated on so many levels. Having always enjoyed school and getting report cards, it was easy to know how well you were doing at life. So seeing it so blankly put […]