The Great Scottish Run


When I first wrote my 101 list, I had no idea how much number 6 would mean to me. Running a half marathon seemed like a good idea, despite struggling with a 10 mile race…

In the last few years I have struggled with depression and have made reference to my struggles on various blog posts. In July I joined Nike Run Club Glasgow and it was the best decision, when I entered the half I had put down 2.5 hours as a target time. Come race day and with plenty of training my new target was sub 2 hours.


I ran for a charity SAMH, Scottish Association for Mental Health. By publicly running for a mental health charity, I was admitting to myself and others that I have struggled.

I wrote my catchphrase on my hand to remind myself to breathe and that it’s ok to not be ok. Before saying goodbye to my parents I was in tears, a few months before I wouldn’t have expected to be on the start-line, nor as nervous.


I spotted my parents just before mile 3, so took a detour to say hello!



My finish time was 01:52:33, I have never been so happy at a text or a number! Well under my 2 hour target and a pleasant surprise to myself about what I can do, for me, down to my training and determination.


I’ve managed to raise over 300 pounds on my Just Giving page .



Depression affects so many, yet is so hidden and not talked about. I have struggled with opening up about my issues and have viewed it as a huge weakness. Talking to many of my friends, they have all struggled at some point or another for a wide variety of reasons. So it really is okay to not be okay. If you are not feeling ok, talk to someone, or go for run or go to a gym, it helped me beyond words. 2 of these are also recommended by SAMH for better mental health,

I enjoyed running the half so much, that I have signed up for 3 more next year! New year, new target, sub 1:50!