101 in 1001, 1 year on.

So I am one year into my 101 goals in 1001 days. Meaning I have 636 days left. I have managed to complete 27 goals! Am working on various others, most noteably I have read 28 of the 100 books.

Some personal highlights:

  • Giving Blood I have now donated 4 times.


  • Made a special cake which my Grandma still talks about, I now have to make a cake for my parent’s silver wedding and my Grandad’s 80th!

    Fairy Castle Cake

  • Made Thai Jungle Curry paste which smells and tastes amazing.

    Thai Jungle Curry Paste

  • Went for afternoon tea in Edinburgh and I still want to learn to make scones!

    Afternoon tea in Edinburgh

  • Framed my posters which instantly put my stamp on my flat.

    Framed Handbags