101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Last Sunday my 1001 days ran out. Admittedly I missed it. My commitment to the 101 things sort of tailed off a year or so ago. The list did not represent interests I had, or realistic goals. Yet looking at when I last updated it I was at 33 things.

Then looking at times I hadn’t updated it:

  • That time I went to Paris, having run the Disneyland Paris Half. (85)
  • All the new recipes I had tried. Probably not 15 week nights in a row, but I’ve definitely cooked 15 new things (12)
  • I attempted to grow my own chilli plant but it didn’t end well. Little bugs appeared, so I put the plant outside and it died. Oops! (20)
  • Not done a classic roast chicken dinner, but I do a mean spiced version. (21)
  • Got advice on how to ice a cupcake at the Good Food Show (22)
  • Definitely eaten at more than ten places at Glasgow! Current favourite places: Meadow Road Coffee, Papercup, Siempre Bicyle Cafe, Rioca, Cafezique/Delizique, Butterscotch Bakery, Bread meats Bread, Martha’s, Halloumi, Cubatas. Some coffee places, some tapas and naturally cake. (25)
  • I have created a rough budget since starting my job. Some months are better than others! (37)
  • Started to use the Yelp app and have reviewed one or two places! So same same but different for product views (46)
  • Reviewed 75 books, but have definitely read 20 or so more to make the 100. Some not worth reviewing! (57)
  • Written plenty of birthday cards and invites to things. (63)
  • I watched the Disney parade (78)
  • Watched plenty of sunrises and sunsets outside my flats. See Instagram for further proof (82)
  • Visited Paris, mainly to run at Disney but still! (85)
  • Got plenty of coffee table books/cookbooks (93)

33 + 14 = 47. 47 out of 101 is not too bad.

Looking back at the list I’ve changed a lot. Moving to Glasgow was harder than I ever expected as was starting a job. But this list did help me in a way I could never imagine. It helped me catch the running bug. Which I well and truely have. I’ve now completed my 1000 miles for the year (more on that soon.)

Disneyland Paris Half

Great Scottish Run

Going to start a new 101 in 1001 list. A few things will be: run a marathon, visit Iceland, make Yorkshire puddings from scratch, attend any form of cooking class.

Any other suggestions?