101 things in 1001 days.


My new year’s resolution was to start a 101 in 1001. I found the timescale and number of things and goals to be really appealing, especially given the point I am at in education. In May, I will sit my final masters exams, followed by my dissertation deadline in September and starting my graduate job in Glasgow in the same week. I am both excited and scared for the move into the real world, with a job and living by myself. Writing these goals helped me to focus on what I want to achieve, and where I want to be by 2016.



1. Come up with 101 things.
2. Do a blog post on each completed task.
3. Put £10 into savings for each goal achieved.
4. Inspire someone to write his or her own list.

5. Give blood.
6. Run a half marathon.
7. One month with no alcohol.
8. A week of getting a solid 9 hours sleep per night.
9. Start remembering to take my vitamin tablets every day.
10. Drink more water; always have a bottle or glass on my desk.
11. Eat the recommended serving of fruit and vegetables every day for a month.

12. 15 week nights in a row of all new recipes.
13. Have a cheese and chocolate fondue dinner party.
14. Do a cocktail master class.
15. Try five new foods.
16. Give up tea and coffee for month and go caffeine free.
17. Cook a Christmas cake.
18. Go to the BBC Good Food Show.
19. Make a cake for a special occasion.
20. Grow my own chili plant as I use it so much in cooking.
21. Perfect a chicken roast dinner.
22. Take a cupcake/icing class.
23. Make fresh Thai curry paste and use instead of store-bought jar.
24. Have a picnic complete with Pimms.
25. Discover ten new restaurants and takeout’s when I move to Glasgow.
26. Learn 5 recipes for various rice/pasta/salads that I would normally buy from a shop for lunch.

27. Invest in a classic handbag.
28. Have a makeup lesson and learn how to do a smoky eye, then recreate it a week later.
29. Stick to a better before bed beauty and wind down routine.
30. Wear lipstick everyday for 2 weeks.
31. Purchase a pair of Louboutin classic black pumps.
32. Get my colours done for clothes, to see what I should be wearing.
33. Get a facial.
34. Get a friend to take photos of me in some of my 5 favourite classic pieces.
35. Take better case of my makeup brushes – find an effective way of cleaning them regularly.
36. Hand wash all my jumpers and scarves after winter.

37. Create and stick to a budget when I start my grad job.
38. Work on savings; plan a savings scheme so I can have a 2 month emergency fund after 2 years of work.

39. Switch over my personal email to Gmail for Hotmail.
40. Take a digital detox – 1 day every month of no phone, no iPad, no mac, no internet.
41. Get out of auto mode on my Canon 550D – read the manual.
42. Clean out my hard drive and laptop and Dropbox.
43. Clean out my iPhone delete old contacts, photos, unused apps. Do regularly!
44. Have 100 unique views to the blog in one day.
45. Make or have input to a custom logo for the blog.
46. Leave five product reviews after shopping online.

47. Get new glasses – I love my hot pink glasses, might need a more serious pair for work.
48. Pass the pass plus driving exam.
49. Manage to have two blog posts a week as a minimum during my masters.
50. Graduate from my masters.
51. Create a 5 year and 10 year personal and career plan.
52. Learn every capital of every country.
53. Learn the Greek alphabet.
54. Learn the phonetic alphabet.
55. Watch 10 different TED Talks and post a review about each one.
56. Attend a professional work conference.

57. Read 100 new books, and do post for each one.
58. Learn to eat with chopsticks.
59. Buy or make a sequin camera strap.
60. Take sparkler light name photos.
61. Build 5 things from my Lego ideas book.
62. Buy a coffee for the stranger behind me in line.
63. Write 25 hand written cards/notes.
64. Watch ten classic films (Top Gun, Breakfast at Tiffanys).
65. Learn how to change a tyre.
66. Learn how to strike a match.
67. Practice my cursive handwriting.
68. Buy two new pieces of Le Creuset.
69. Learn basic car stuff – water in windscreen wiper and how to change oil.
70. Learn to ice skate properly.
71. Finish 10 super fiendish Sudokus from The Times.
72. Have a dinner party for six.
73. Read A People’s History of the world.
74. Write down the family history of why my last name changed from McGregor to Heath.
75. See Blood Brothers in theatre, even it is an amateur one.
76. Start listening to classical music and create a 15 song playlist.
77. Try a Bikram yoga class.
78. Watch a parade in person.
79. Take calligraphy classes.
80. Get something engraved and with my initials on – preferably a leather notebook or pen.

81. Go to Mexico.
82. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same place.
83. Go for afternoon tea in Edinburgh.
84. Take a skiing holiday.
85. Visit Paris.
86. Visit Prague.
87. Take a nighttime cruise on the Waverley steamer.
88. Visit London Zoo at night in the summer.
89. Visit four different museums and art galleries.
90. Buy a world map and mark all the places I have been to.
91. Sign up for a local library in Glasgow.
92. Visit the Isle of Wight.

93. Invest in five coffee table books.
94. Clear out my wardrobe at university and home.
95. Organize all my personal stuff into a new folder for bills and contracts.
96. Move into my own apartment.
97. Frame my posters.
98. Buy personalized Fiona Heath pencils like my Mum used to get me.
99. Find pretty flowers that I am not allergic to. Visit various gardens and centres to find them.
100. Throw out twenty things and do not replace them.
101. Make a first aid box and tool kit for my flat.

Phew! I can now mark goal 1 as done.