Classic Films | Top Gun & Pretty Woman

True confession, I am not good at watching films. Not really sure why, but I just haven’t seen any classics. It is definitely a pet peeve of Ben’s. As apart of my 101 challenge, I agreed to watch 10 classics. Have now seen 2 – Top Gun & Pretty Woman.

Despite doing a degree in planes, I somehow never saw Top Gun. The cheesey music trailer didn’t really do it for me. I will, however, eat my words. It was surprisingly good and the graphics were admittedly dated but still an achievement for when it was created. I have heard rumours that a new Top Gun 2 is coming out so will go and watch that.

Pretty Woman is my new favourite film. A true Cinderella story! Julia Roberts is hilarious in the film and does not miss a beat. Loved the infamous Rodeo Drive scenes.

Any classic suggestions?!