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Being the CEO/creative director of a company called Nasty Gal, Sophia has fairly done it all. I do love the site and the clothes, different to your average ASOS or Topshop purchase.

Sophia has a no nonsense approach in this book, if you want to get somewhere guess what you have to work. You can’t just be expected to have everything handed to you on a plate. She started the company without getting into debt or having loan, a very impressive feat. I love the honesty, don’t spend money you don’t have and don’t mess up your credit. She accidentally signed up for a credit card in VS for a bra and it took her years to get her credit in check after one purchase.

The main takeaway from this book is use all your tools, make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, network where appropriate, ask questions but also never think that a task is below you. It is a sure way to prevent you from getting a promotion. 

Each chapter started with a brilliant illustration, my favourite is below.

Dream big start small