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I am Malala book

I cried when I finished this book. 1am, after starting and finishing the book in a day. Malala is nothing short of an inspiration. Could not agree more with the sentiment that every girl has the right to education. It might be through during an engineering degree and a technology job that I notice the lack of females. But to think this poor girl was shot for speaking out on the matter saddens me. I remember hearing the news in 2011 when Malala was brought to the Uk for surgery. When I saw she had written a book I immediately  downloaded it.

Her bravery and courage to speak to the UN is admirable. The decision that her father made at a young age to support her through education is testament to him and his beliefs.

The line that got me the most was “when someone takes away your pencils you realise quite how important education.” What upsets me is how we take this for granted in many first world countries and the number of people who disengage with school and find it pointless.

In a small way I feel lazy now, how can this girl still want to get an education and manage to speak English and Urdu. Yet despite me living in the Middle East for 8 years I learnt a handful of Arabic words.

Malala had a cochlear implant, a type of hearing device implanted in order to restores hearing in her left ear. Since starting work on my dissertation about cochlear implants, I seem to be noticing them everywhere.

Malala is an inspiration. She is definitely someone I would love to have for dinner.

I have linked to her speech that she gave to the UN on her 16th birthday.