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In My Shoes

Jimmy Choo is one of those instantly recognisable brands, from pop culture references in Sex and The City to the shoes being worn on the red carpet, to perfumes in all the department stores there is no escaping Choos! Tamara Mellon infamously started the brand in the 90s and faced an ongoing roller-coaster throughout her time with the firm. This book is incredible and honestly highlights the struggles female bosses can face as well as tackling addiction and mental issues. I loved the honesty in the book and the advice throughout to stick to your gut instinct and trust yourself. Tamara talks about her relationship with her Dad and the support that he gave her throughout her struggles with various acquisitions of the company, being close to my Dad especially when it comes to anything money related, it is refreshing to hear that a lot of girls are similar! Having studied Economics at A-Levels I loved the sections discussing the acquisitions and takeovers, fascinating insight into the value of a company and how un-liquid Tamara’s assets were at points.

I remember when the Jimmy Choo Hunter and UGGs lines came out, seeing the advertisements in Teen Vogue and Vogue! I was shocked to learn how much she had to push too have these lines go ahead. I have got a Jimmy Choo Eau du Parfum so have been wearing that since finishing the book.

In My Shoes and Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum