Currently Reading | Northern Lights.


What a book. After several recommendations to read this book, I could not download it onto my Kindle fast enough. I was not disappointed at all. I would have enjoyed this book just as much aged 15 as I did today.

From the start Pullman enters you into a world filled with humans and their counterpart daemons. The daemons changing based upon the humans mood is a fascinating concept. Once the human reaches puberty the daemon changes into their final form based upon the type of character the human will ultimately become. Am I the only person that would love to know what my daemon would be? The inability to change the daemon once it has evolved must take its toll. Ultimately at that stage you would not be able to change your character.

The aurora is a phenomenon that is mentioned throughout the book. At the start, Lyra the main character seems unsure what exactly it is. Pullman writes so honestly about the sensation and how the light changes in the sky. It is something that is on my bucket list and I would love to photography. I have also been told by many a pilot, that it is the most fascinating thing to fly through. A holiday for the future.

The final element of this book which I loved was the alethiometer, a navigational compass which the owner of the device can use to find out the truth. The device has various needles which points at different symbols answering the users question. This device would be so useful on helping with life choices and assessing if your gut instinct is in fact correct!

At the end of the book Lyra enters a new world which is depicted in Book 2: The Subtle Knife. Which is my next read!