Currently Reading | The Casual Vacancy.


I downloaded this book onto my Kindle last summer and that kind of says it all. I normally love JK Rowling, I was obsessed with the Harry Potter books (geek alert). I read the last book in a day, and remember being annoyed whenever the kid on the news was at least 2 chapters behind me!

This book just seemed confused, it might be because I was picking the book up every other week, reading about 15 pages then not reading it again for a while. I just struggled to engage with it.

In honesty, it took me three different reads of the first HP book, to fall in love with the book and the whole series. I might have to give this book another try, although the general plot isn’t that interesting. The characters are well thought out, but this book just wasn’t my favourite!

The next book I am going to read is The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.

Any other book suggestions?