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The Girl On The Train

Commuting, something so many people do. If you can call a 10 minute walk to the train station, followed by a 10 minute train journey to work, then that’s my commute. I do like to try and steal the time back, by reading even just a couple of pages on the train on my kindle. Sort of switch on and off before and after work. Although, on the way home I am always distracted by the bright lights of the SSE Hydro especially in the last couple of months when it’s dark from 4pm.

This book can relate to all commuters, we all have points where we instinctively or not look at the same place everyday. My “commute” is only 3 stops and doesn’t look into any houses like Rachel’s does, but it is a very relatable story in that sense. I love a good mystery and never seem to see the twists.