Currently Reading | The Subtle Knife.


Yet another amazing book from Philip Pullman. I started this book immediately after finishing the first in the series and was just as engrossed. Again the age difference did not matter. I got lost in the book, which is one of my favourite things to do! The book was first published in 1997!

The ability to cut into any of the worlds, is fascinating. Can you imagine being able to cut a whole in our world and visit another and then be able to enter the world seamlessly. Such a thought-provoking idea. With the size of our universe, I would love to explore another world. However, I did feel quite bad for the cat that entered a new world and was lost and confused! I have always wanted to visit Oxford and this book had multiple versions of Oxford, all of which I would love to see!

Throughout the book Will and Lyra go closer and the bond between them becomes increasingly important. We can all relate to finding a friend, that we instantly click with, which was refreshing to read as they both spoke to Lyra’s daemon about their bond.

I have already downloaded the next, ready for my flights to Heathrow and Prague tomorrow. So excited for both Prague and the final book, The Amber Spyglass.