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Thrive Book Arianna Huffington

Being stuck on trains constantly at the minute has allowed me to read all the time. I love reading on trains as your view changes whenever you look up and chances are your phone won’t have signal.

Arianna Huffington is the President of The Huffington Post. Arianna explained how passing out from exhaustion changed the way in which she manages her day and life. All of the books I have enjoyed of late, discuss the modern world and pressures companies/work/life seems to put on us. I am loving reading this subject as I begin to prepare for starting my first job in the corporate world in September.

Arianna speaks about 4 cores throughout the book:

  1. Well-being
  2. Wisdom
  3. Wonder
  4. Giving

Whilst reading about how we should use screens less, be less addicted to our phones, I kept catching myself checking my phone for the time despite wearing a watch. My inability to switch off at night is definitely a result of the amount of time spent plugged in to social media. It’s something I’m working on, with the baby step of not taking my phone or laptop up to my room and using an old-school alarm clock to wake me up.

The book focuses on changing how we define success to incorporating the 4 cores, should how much we make really matter? Meditation was a practice that Arianna has adopted since a young age. I have never tried it, but she spoke of taking the time to enjoy your coffee and just focusing on the moment and let your mind wander. Definitely something I will try and implement.