Currently Reading | Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career.

Welcome to the Real World- Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career.

This book was added to my reading list, after seeing a blogpost about the Intern Queen on The College Prepster. I pre-ordered it on Amazon and it downloaded itself when it was released the other week. The joys of a Kindle! {Side-note: was not enjoying my Kindle when I had to wait for an update for an hour. #kindleproblems.}


I could not put this book down. Despite it being the middle of exams, I managed to read the book in 3 days.. Oops!

Last week, I spoke about success and how to define it. This book had quite a few quotes, that I am going to try to live by.

“Success is being able to constantly grow and learn, to make mistakes and then pick yourself up the next day.”

“Success means being happy in the way you’re spending your time every day.”

I loved my internship last summer, I am going back to the same company for a 2.5 year contract. So in itself I have been successful, as I am going to do something I love.

Another favourite quote:

“It’s the time when you are out of your comfort zone that you grow the most as a person.”

My MSc summed up in one line, hardest year at university, both in terms of course load, expectations, outside commitments. But looking back, I would not change it. Except for reducing the number of breakdowns.

The book is split into easy to read chapters, that discuss the importance of networking, relationships, finances, work-life balance. I can’t wait to start working life and hopefully put some of the tips into action. Over Easter, I sat down with my Dad, who is a chartered accountant, to work out my budget. Boy was it scary! All my money just seemed to disappear before I even got to it – rent and bills ouch! So glad I did it before I start. It’s given me more realistic expectation towards my spending and savings. Thanks Dad! Once I have started the job, will do a full post on money.

To anyone that is graduating this year, or graduated recently I would definitely recommend this book. Lauren, admits all her mistakes in her first job in the hope that we do not make the same ones.