Faced with Failure.

Failure is not an option with Shuttle

So my Masters did not work out as planned, for the first time in my life I have failed. Not being dramatic, but I failed in my goal to get a Masters. Growing up with a love for NASA the phrase, ‘failure is not an option’ had always held true. Pass exams to get into a university, pass undergrad exams all managed. Due to a million and one reasons my Masters didn’t work out.

But you know something? That’s okay. I am now blessed with having a 9 week summer before starting my graduate job. I can focus on myself, get fit, read more, blog more and enjoy the time off all without feeling guilty.

The below phrases are definitely helping me get through the initial emotions of failure.

Arrow backwards forwards success

Success path failure

I moved back home for the summer last week, a 9 hour drive from Southampton to Aberdeen. On arriving home my parents and I had a drink. So cheers to starting afresh and being okay with failing. We are all faced with it at some point.

Glass filled with pink champagne