Getting out of Auto.


Another item to be ticked of my 101 list, whenever I have been taking photos for the blog for the past few months I have really tried to get out of auto and use the full abilities of my camera. Still practicing, still want to try taking sparkler photos but it will get there. Here are some of my tips for starting to use manual settings..

1. Read the manual

Honestly the best place to start. If you threw away the manual chances are you can find it online and save it as a PDF for further reading. The internet has so many options and tutorials both free and paid for, just search for your specific camera.

2. Just start trying

Once you have had a brief read of your manual, grab your camera and play around with the settings. Don’t worry if the photo turns out blurry; continue to adjust to the settings. Failing all else, switch back to the auto mode and take your picture. Many photo editing software can tell you the aperture and ISO settings for any photo taken so use those as future reference.

3. Work on one bit at a time

Prefer to take close-up shots and details, stick with macro setting and adjust from there. If portraits are more your thing work on that! You won’t learn everything over-night but you will pick bits up on a daily basis.

4. Flash vs No Flash

Flash can either make or break an image, so try taking the same image with both flash on and off. You can then decide what you prefer. With the memory available on SD cards the more the merrier for photos!

5. Play with perspective

Have a play with how you are taking the shot, instead of a straight on view of a cake try a slightly diagonal shot or a birds eye view or zoom in on an unexpected feature of something. By varying your shots you will have more to choose from when you start editing the photos. After all no one likes to see ten photos that are much the same.