Prague | Day 1.

So, day 1 was interesting. After flying from Aberdeen down to Heathrow T5, then transferring to T3. I met up with Ben and we decided to get a drink from one of the restaurants, Strada.

Since it was the start of my holiday I decided to order a Chambord Royale cocktail. A peach Bellini then turned up, after 15 minutes. Eg not what I had ordered. After asking for my actual drink, I then sat for a further 15 minutes watching it sit on the bar. Had to ask the manager for my drink, as no one seemed to notice it was sitting! Rant over. Just would not recommend here if you are in T3.

Whilst taxiing out to the runway, we past both the A380 and Concorde. Both amazing airplanes, sorry I am a bit of an aviation geek…

After a pleasant flight, I discovered that my luggage decided to stay in T5 and not making the flight. If you ever lose your luggage, it is the airlines responsibility to find it, and deliver it to your hotel/final destination. You typically receive compensation, which varies by airline of value. Make sure to ask for it!

We then discovered Ben had left his card in T3. Not the start we wanted!

Anyways, we had pre-booked a taxi with Prague Airport Transfers, who thankfully waited the extra time to deal with my luggage scenario. We checked in at the NH Prague. After asking for a Czech bar, we were given just that. In the form of Zlaty Klas. A predominantly local pub with some tourists.

We ordered beer, after an angry Czech waiter was not impressed with my choice of water. The local beer Pilsner is very drinkable, although I stuck to the smaller glasses!

For food we split Chicken Schnitzel and pork ribs. True hearty Czech food!

Back to the hotel, for an early night after taking the cable car up to the building. The hotel is 2 separate buildings on a hill handily connected by a cable car.