Prague | Day 2.

A morning view from Prague. Slightly foggy, but still pretty.

Here is the cable car, ready to take us back to the main building and out to Prague itself.

I found the nearest clothes shop, which happened to be H&M. I used my allowance to buy a bra and knickers, black strappy top and white jumper. Yay for clean clothes!

After changing into my new clothes, we decided to just wander around Prague and saw the Vltava river.

All of the buildings were different shades of pastel, so pretty.

Our first stop was a coffee shop/pub called U Maleho Glena.

My housemate Alice and her parents, used to live in Prague. They gave Ben and I a 15-year-old book, called The Coffehouses of Prague. Ben and I then decided we wanted to try to visit as many as possible. We like coffee!

With the addresses in the book, an iPhone and google maps, we marked all the shops onto our tourist map. Most cafes had free wi-fi, which is great for tourists.

After finishing our coffees and a bit more walking, we visit BarBar which was suggested by our Lonely Planet guide.

We then walked up Petřín Hill, which we failed to realise was 327m high. A great view and worth the climb. A funicular railway does exist and was probably the more sensible option to take. Spring had sprung in Prague and the flowers are gorgeous.

At the top of Petřín hill is Prague’s Observation Tower, which is based loosely upon the Eiffel Tower. Since I didn’t have my luggage, which had my big zoom lens, we decided to go up the tower another day.

Instead being big kids, we went to the Mirror Maze. A great little building filled with mirrors. Student cards are so useful in Prague, gave us very reduced entry.

Please ignore my no makeup face!

For the first time in my life I am tall!

This mirror made the floor distort.

After climbing back down the hill we did some more walking.

We crossed The Charles Bridge for the first time. A beautiful place.

Easter is huge in Prague, colourful easter eggs were everywhere throughout the city.

We then walked back to the hotel, passing the Dancing House.

Our trust Lonely Planet guide suggested for dinner Klub cestovatelu, which was hearty Lebanese food.

You can take the girl out of Dubai, but she will still crave hummus! My first proper hummus in a year.

My feet were sore after such a long day walking. Prague is many cobbled roads in the tourist bits, so don’t make my mistake. Take some proper shoes with you!