Prague | Day 3.

The day started with a visit to Chez Marcel. Despite arriving at 10.30am, they looked like they were closed. Turns out the morning rush had been and gone and lunch service only started at 11.30. The waiters were more than happy to let us have some coffee.

The place even has its own wine, how french!

We ordered an early lunch as soon as we could, French Onion Soup and Chicken and Mushrooms. Delicious!

The staff in here were lovely. So many business men started coming for a business lunch when we left. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Prague.

We then headed over to the Jewish quarter, only to find it was shut due to Passover. Sometimes life throws you a curveball/I never thought to check.

Cheeky photo-op.

The next plan was to go to The Old Town Hall Tower & Astronomical Clock which was round the corner. The clock was enchanting.

The trusty Coffehouses of Prague book told us that a cafe existed directly opposite the clock, in one of the buildings. Sadly Cafe Milena was no more and had been replaced with Cafe Mozart. Which had an amazing view, great coffee and a pianist playing classical music.

The places with good coffee, serve it on a silver tray complete with a glass of water so you don’t get dehydrated! Why don’t Starbucks do this?

The cafe was virtually empty such a good place to sit by the window and grab a drink and watch the clock chime on the hour without a crowd. Plus you get a much better view!

As I mentioned yesterday, Easter is huge in Prague. They have Easter markets similar to Christmas ones seen across the world.

Our early lunch had us hungry, so we opted for some cheesy potatoes.

Then found that Cafe Gasper Kasper still existed, although we didn’t go in.

My decision to wear old ankle boots was not great at this point. Having walked around for 2 days, my foot was in agony. I think I pulled/strained/twisted it as it really hurt to walk. So we headed back to the hotel, stopping quite a bit along the way!

Determined not to waste being in Prague, we went to the hotel bar for drinks and an amazing sunset over the city. Whilst pricey in comparison to the local pubs, the view made it worthwhile.