Prague | Day 5.

By Day 5, my foot was sore. It really hurt to walk and we still had a bit of Prague we wanted to see. So we decided to take the Tram.

The trams are a bit baffling, not every stop has a ticket machine. The tickets are based on the length of time you travel, eg 30mins, 90mins, 24 hours. When you get on the tram you timestamp your ticket on the machine. Ticket wardens will get on and check that you have a timestamped ticket otherwise it’s an on the spot fine. Be warned! Confusingly Prague locals seem to just have a travel pass for the year.

So we needed change for the machines, they don’t take notes. So we headed to PAUL for some macarons.

Enough change to take the tram!

We took the tram over to Prague castle. Sadly the weather was grey and rainy and rather miserable.

We opted to not do a walking or guided tour and just looked around the castle and cathedral.

The stained glass windows were stunning. There is 2 sections to the inside of the cathedral, one that is free and the other is part of the guided tour. If you go into the section with the tour you are supposed to pay 100CZK for a no-flash photography pass.

I managed to take these before my camera battery died.

In an effort to stay dry, we found Prague Toy Museum. So interesting how toys have changed over the years. The museum was two floors, the top floor had an exhibition on Barbie.

I managed to find 4 Barbie’s that depict my life.

Astronaut (I did a BEng in Aero/Astro), Cheerleader (4 years as a Vixen at uni), Graduate (4 months left of my masters), Power dresser (Hopefully with suits as nice as that soon!)

We headed back to the hotel ready for our flight home. But firsted stopped by Zlatys for our last Czech beer.

Thanks for an amazing time Prague, I will be back.