Ted Talk Thursday | Looks aren’t everything.

Looks arent everything

Image is superficial.

One of the lines in Cameron Russell’s Ted Talk that really hit home. I’ve spoken before about living a #LifeUnfiltered, yet still catch myself filtering it.

Cameron’s talk is honest and definitely thought provoking. The contrasting images of the construction of her during a shoot, versus her with friends relaxing is stark. The images of her that we see in print, are not her, they are a character that she is playing that day. Beyond the airbrushing and photoshop, there is a team of artists creating that perfect shot, from makeup, to stylist to hair and photographer and lights. So is it any wonder girls have such insecurities?! Hearing a model admit to being insecure is almost humbling, makes my worrying about my looks and obsessing in front of a mirror seem normal; if the girls who get paid to model are also as insecure as me.