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Twitter, love it or hate it the social media has changed the way in which we all share and receive information. Biz recollects the highs and lows of creating twitter, from choosing to leave Google and continue on his idea which everyone thought was nuts. He also spins his thoughts on high school and leadership. Definitely thought provoking, should the founder of a company be the CEO? Not as clear as you might think.

140 characters, such an odd number that we are all fascinated by. Turns out a normal text is 180 and they kind of just cut a bit off, originally you had 145 characters minus your username, but they realised quickly this was not fair to those who had a shorter username. So the characters do not now include the username!

Another fun fact, people originally hated retweets (RT) as they weren’t able to change the content of the message. This has since adapted to quote tweet, which allows users to change bits.

Without twitter, we wouldn’t be as up to date, it takes seconds to send a tweet, which is often the basis for varying world events such as earthquakes, the Arab uprising and the Presidential elections. Twitter’s big break was in 2008, when the server successfully managed to stay up with all the ongoing tweets.

I love twitter, I use it to promote my blog and follow some of my favourite companies.

My favourite quote,
“Let’s fake it till we make it. Let’s create visions of an aspirational future.”

Book 8 finished, 92 more to go… Interestingly, 5 of these books are non-fiction. Any recommendations for the remaining 92?