I’m Fiona, this blog has been going for the past four years and like me has changed over the years. Since moving to Glasgow, I have fallen in love with running, and like any relationship or hobby, some days I love it and some days it’s a battle/ Ihate it. I now have one marathon under my belt and numerous half marathons. My next big race is London Marathon.

I love coffee and confetti, hence the blog name. If you ever get a card from me, expect confetti or glitter in it.

In the past I have struggled with depression and my mental health. This blog acts as my diary, reminding me how things do change. It really is okay to not be okay, I’ll be the first to highlight when I am struggling, or share any tips to try and help.

I also have two other loves, baking and reading. Both of my Grandma’s introduced me to baking, whether shortbread or a cake. I’ve met my idol Mary Berry and don’t think that can be beaten! Geek confession, I read, a lot. I love getting lost in a book, whether a trashy beach read or something more science based about fitness or depression.


Macaroons, hummus, ingredients for my favourite drink, Le Fizz and my pearl necklace.