Recently Baked

In the last few weeks I’ve done a few bakes, but not grabbed enough photos to do an individual post on each bake. When your hands are covered in eggs, flour and butter, trying to coordinate with a camera is a bit much! My Kitchen Aid mixer has made my baking life about a thousand times easier, I can leave butter and sugar to beat together whilst getting on with measuring other bits.

Three Sisters Bake Chocolate Orange Cake

Three Sisters Bake Chocolate Orange Ganache Cake

So when you bake a chocolate orange cake, make sure to order the key ingredient of Oranges! I had ordered a food delivery and remembered to order the Chocolate Orange for decoration, but not the actual oranges! The recipe is pretty straight forward but does require some pre-planning, with boiling and cooling the oranges to make the pulp. The smell of this baking though was quite simply incredible. Finally mastered ganache, the key is in letting the chocolate and cream cool before pouring.

Victoria Sponge

Classic Victoria Sponge

Blogged about this before, but you really can’t beat a classic 8-8-8-4-2 recipe of a Victoria sponge. For my Grandpa’s recent birthday a classic sponge was the suited option.

Does anyone have any tips for writing icing? Apart from practice.

Chia Banana Bread Loaf 

Chia Banana Bread

When you’ve got bananas that are getting on in terms of shelf life, there is only one thing for it. Banana Bread! Once again used a Mary Berry recipe but substituted some chia seeds and flax seeds instead of the chocolate chips, so I could at least pretend it’s healthy. Again, a very simple bake, leaves a great smell in the kitchen and a great way to use up old bananas. This always makes me think of an old school friend, whose Mum made some of the best banana bread!

The real reason I bake – cake batter. Can’t beat cleaning up the bowl.