Taking Back the Weekend.


Being a student with a high course work load can cause the days to blur into one. You don’t get that Friday feeling, as you are on conscious of working for Monday’s deadline. Your room, is both for sleeping, eating and working and you don’t tend to relax.

My new resolution is to take back the weekend. Enjoy my 2 days off and get into a habit of leaving my work alone.

Things I want to start doing with my weekends, some less likely to happen then others

  • Run 5-10km on a Saturday morning
  • Spend Sunday morning reading in bed with a coffee
  • Experiment with brunch and learn how to make a hollandaise sauce
  • Find events/festivals happening in the area – does anyone know of any foodie festivals down South?
  • Start baking again, afternoon tea on a Saturday with fresh cake sounds like domestic goddess perfection
  • Get to bed early on a Sunday

What do you do to make the weekends feel like the weekend?