Cosmopolitan’s Superblogger Masterclass | My thoughts.

Kate Spade notebook cosmopolitan Superblogger masterclass notes

The masterclass did not disappoint. Beyond the glass of bubbly at the start and the goodie bag packed full of new products, the class was really insightful and one of a view talks I have ever fully paid attention too. I managed to write over 6 pages of notes potentially more than I ever wrote at uni…

Definitely glad Connie from SeventeenTwo came with me. She started her blog a year before me, so always useful to get hint and tips and share blog ideas.

Both being engineering girls, who have taken way too many modules based around optimisation, the topics around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) were our favourites. Bits for working on include naming posts appropriately including the title and header URL. Also trying to ensure that images and the alt HTML are appropriate and likely to appear frequently in google. The google keyword planner is my new favourite tool.

Content seems to be the key as is finding your unique, quirky identity. My blog will be focusing on starting a graduate job in technology as a female who loves fashion, food and coffee. Hoping to explore various lunch box ideas as well as completing my 101 list.

The other point was updating from a site to a self hosted site allowing more plugins and tech bits and bobs to be added. Something I have already considered, just need to find the pennies to pay for it!

A great evening which has given me plenty of inspiration and a long blogging to do list.