The importance of Plugins

Over a year ago, this little blog got hacked. The reason? Out of date plugins. The hackers did some cross-site injection and changed my blog post to say Hacked by Bala Sniper. I felt physically ill when I had seen this. My blog is more of an online diary, where I talk about running and reading. It’s not my livelihood but I still felt violated.

Needless to say, I have been better at keeping my plugins up to date. The plugin I find most useful and would recommend to all is Wordfence. Whenever a plugin goes out of date I get an e-mail to say so. It’s then just a case of logging into the dashboard and updating. There is also emails about other threats and logins to the dashboard.


Yoast SEO, is also great if you are not the most gramatically correct, like myself. Analysis is done of the text in the post, looking at the amount of passive language, length of sentences, readability. The keyword tab, will also check that you have the keyword in the title, body of the post, used an appropriate number of times. It also suggests improvements, such as adding images etc.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Before installing anything, be sure that it works with your version of wordpress and has an active development community. What was popular a few versions of wordpress ago, might not work on the latest and greatest.

Other plugins I use:

  • WP Recipe Maker – create recipes that can be printed.
  • Instagram Feed – display instagram.
  • Disqus for WordPress – comments!
  • Public Post Preview – can then send posts to people to read before they get published
  • Content Views – allowed me to create the reading page layout.