September for me has always been a month of a new adventure, whether that was the start of a new school year or a year ago starting a job. This year, nothing "new" is happening, I've not gone and bought new school shoes or a pencil case or any of that. This last year has

Next Bike Glasgow, People Make Glasgow

NextBike Glasgow

For the last week, I've had various friends staying and visiting Glasgow. So the next few weeks worth of posts will be my staycation in Glasgow. My favourite bit has to be the NextBikes in Glasgow. Basically like the blue borris bikes in London, but prettier as they are pink and a bit cheaper! The

Gym Bag Heroes

My gym bag heroes are a mismatch of products, from a towel (yes really), to a hairbrush. I’ve found having two of everything to be a massive help, one permanently in my wash bag and one in my bathroom. I use a huge Cath Kidston Wash bag as I find it fits full size items