Christmas traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas to me is all about Christmas traditions. The memories they create and looking forward to them year round. The traditions have changed over the years and with different people. All nonetheless special. It’s about spending quality time with those close to you, doing something you both or all enjoy.  Personally, writing Christmas cards is

Festive Fizz

We have all seen those DIY Pimp your Prosecco bars. Well here is the simple and hardly different Festive Fizz Bar. Easy to setup, and most importantly looks good.  For my bar, I chopped lime, lemon, oranges, strawberries. Then had some raspberries and strawberries. Also laid out all the mixers, from Aperol to Elderflower coridal

Festive Decor

Festive Decor, it doesn't have to be particularly pricey to look it. It's actually a great way to reuse many things you might already have. Case in point, this mini ornament, which is made up of tiny baubles  inside a Gu pot. So you get to eat the chocolate first! I had separated the baubles

Marcothon 2017

Marcothon. No, I have not mispelt marathon, marcothon is a thing. It's a collection of people who decide it's a great idea to run every day in December. Except their is no medal, no race day feeling, no nothing. Just you against you, running every day in December. All 31 days, yes that includes Christmas.

Turkey Time

Turkey Time

So you have managed to brave the shops, brave the queues and got the old important Christmas Turkey. Because for some reason Christmas time means Turkey Time. You are probably trying to remember what you did last year, or the year you overcooked the turkey and how to avoid the problem this year. In the