Fies Friday | Glaswegin

Glaswegin, literally what it says on the bottle. Glaswegian gin. Gin made in Glasgow. Glaswegian + gin = Glaswegin. Initially bought for the name alone. My love for gin is no secret. The perfect G&T, is one of lifes simple pleasures. Whether it is in a balloon glass, a tumbler or out of a can.

Tim Hortons Glasgow

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Glasgow, a place for all your timbits, and iced coffee dreams to come true! The Canadian brand has finally ventured into UK soil. Luckily for us here in Glasgow, they choose to set up shop at the bottom of Union St. Which is dangerously close to my office and the train station... Tim

Gu Hot Chocolate

Gu Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is pretty simple, yet Gu have made it even simpler with there Gu Velvety Belgian Chocolate. Literally pour into mug, heat for 1 minute, stir, heat for 2 minutes, add marshmallows. Instantly feel like you've been given a great big hug and snuggle on the sofa. A super chocolatey drink, one was definitely enough!

Pitchers Of Pimm's

Pitchers of Pimms

It's July, it's hot, the tennis is on, which can only mean one thing. Pimm's season, having posted my recipe of Pimm's a year ago. I decided to honor the season in a slightly different manner. By showing some of the best pitches out there, barring of course just buying the Pimm's own pitcher. A