Flat 4-1

Flat 4/1

It’s been a year, well if we are being accurate a year and a week since I got the keys to my first property. To say it’s been a rollercoaster is definitely the accurate sentiment. Nothing earth shattering has happened, but equally there has been a constant roll of events. From unwanted pianos, to red

Flamingo Fie’s

Hi my name is Fie. I like a few things, bars, pretty cocktails and flamingos. For years I always  knew I wanted my very own bar. Hence the creation of Flamingo Fie's. It all started when looking for placemats for the dining room table. I stumbled across these flamingo coasters and was in love. Mums

On the River Clyde

The days up in Scotland are starting to stretch, hinting at the long endless summer nights to come. Whilst the winters here are dark and long, we get rewarded by it with hours of light in the summer months. The view from my flat is one of my favourite bits, it looks onto a shipyard