Lime Cheesecake

Lime Cheesecake

This Lime Cheesecake recipe has been around for awhile. My Mum has a cookbook that is filled with recipes from over the years, some handwritten from other family and friends, others leaflets picked up from the store. As is the case for this Sainsbury's Lime Cheesecake Tart which we have adapted slightly. The best about

Turkey Time

Turkey Time

So you have managed to brave the shops, brave the queues and got the old important Christmas Turkey. Because for some reason Christmas time means Turkey Time. You are probably trying to remember what you did last year, or the year you overcooked the turkey and how to avoid the problem this year. In the

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie

It's back to being below 5 degrees, otherwise known as freezing. Which demands homemade comfort food. This weeks big dish? A Shepherd's Pie, by the queen of comfort food herself, Delia Smith. Her recipe comes crusted with cheese and leeks. It's perfect for cozy nights in and can easily be reheated for days on end

Peppermint Slices

A quintessential fine piece. For anyone asking, a fine piece is a North Eastern Scottish word for a baked good. You would have a fine piece with a fly cup. Peppermint slices, buttery biscuit base, mint icing, dark chocolate. A biscuit version of an after eight. Ingredients: 400g hobnobs or other biscuits 300g butter 280g icing

Three Sisters Bake Chocolate Orange Ganache Cake

Recently Baked

In the last few weeks I've done a few bakes, but not grabbed enough photos to do an individual post on each bake. When your hands are covered in eggs, flour and butter, trying to coordinate with a camera is a bit much! My Kitchen Aid mixer has made my baking life about a thousand