New York Diaries Food Edition

New York Diaries | Food Edition

When on holiday, calories don't count. Especially when you are in a place with such incredible food, from street eats to 5* dining to all the cafes in between. Now let's eat! fresh&co A chain of grab-and go deli places throughout Manhattan. Great for everything from quinoa, to omelettes, to bagels and everything in between.

BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog has been around for a while, going from that brewery in Ellon to having bars everywhere and beer widely available in all supermarkets. The brewery itself has also grown in size! Taking over a lot of spare land in Ellon. Anyway, BrewDog Glasgow, or rather the one beside Kelvingrove Park is amazing. My brother

CAU Glasgow

CAU Glasgow

CAU has recently opened up in Glasgow, opposite Royal Exchange Square and it does exactly what you expect of an Argentinian steakhouse - steak and red wine. I was invited to a steak and wine masterclass here last week and was really impressed with the knowledge the chef had about all the different cuts of

A Pancake.

This is a literal pancake, a pan had been used to make this cake. Complete with white chocolate and raspberries and some natural yoghurt on the side for good measure. Delizique in the West End of Glasgow is famed for its pancake. They have savoury and sweet varieties. I didn't quite manage the whole thing,