Christmas Traditions

Christmas to me is all about Christmas traditions. The memories they create and looking forward to them year round. The traditions have changed over the years and with different people. All nonetheless special. It’s about spending quality time with those close to you, doing something you both or all enjoy. 

Christmas traditions

Personally, writing Christmas cards is fairly high up on my list of favourite Christmas traditions. I love the whole process. From choosing cards making sure they are on brand aka bright or full of glitter. Then lighting a candle and putting on Christmas songs and spending time reflecting on my friends and family. Writing personal messages of thanks. The only bit I don’t like is constantly asking for addresses as everyone seems to move in a year. The best bit is the inevitable there is glitter everywhere text when my friends receive the cards. 

Christmas Traditions

Santa, what would Christmas be without him? As a kid I oh so remember getting everything just right. Ensuring milk and a carrot for rudolf. A dram of whisky and a mince pie for Santa. The magic of Christmas. My parents have countless home videos of Grant and I running around setting it all up. The massive personalised bags that our presents appeared in was another favourite Christmas tradition. Almost until we were both adults these bags would appear under the tree. 

Christmas Traditions

A very personal Christmas tradition was our Christmas Boxes lovingly prepared by our Grandparents. The idea being we had one small parcel each day during advent and one small parcel on Christmas Day itself. The excitement of getting to choose which parcel each day was huge. Did you go for a small or large parcel. What had Grandma or Grandad found for us throughout the year. It was always something lovely and often personalised. The boxes themselves were wrapped in Christmas paper. 

Christmas lights now this is very much a tradition from living in Houston. Every Christmas Eve my parents would drive us round all the houses taking in all the lights and decorations. From the simple to the over the top. One house even has a mini rollercoaster with Santa on his sleigh going round. Even now I love spending a winters run finding all the houses in the area all dressed up. From whites and brights to flashing. 

My love of reading is no secret, so another favourite Christmas tradition is just to sit and read. Admittedly, with a good cup of coffee with some baileys cream as well, it is Christmas after all. Whether it’s reading Skipping Christmas or finding a new book to read. You can’t beat curling up on the sofa with the twinkly Christmas lights and just reading. 

In Glasgow, I’ve now made some new Christmas traditions. It all starts of at the start of December with the annual Santa Dash. A 5km run around the city centre dressed as Santa. It never fails to make me smile and just start that festive feeling. I’ve also taken Grandpa out for a Christmas meal each year. Having gone from wear a green jumper to wearing matching Christmas jumpers. I’m so lucky to be able to spend time with him and his smile each year is priceless. Now I’ve also spent the last 2 years at Loch Lomond shores at the drive in cinema. Watching Elf or Home Alone 2. There is something so silly yet magical about being in a car watching a film with blankets and all the snacks. 

Whatever your Christmas traditions are, make sure to enjoy them.