Festive Fizz

We have all seen those DIY Pimp your Prosecco bars. Well here is the simple and hardly different Festive Fizz Bar. Easy to setup, and most importantly looks good. 

For my bar, I chopped lime, lemon, oranges, strawberries. Then had some raspberries and strawberries. Also laid out all the mixers, from Aperol to Elderflower coridal to Chambord. 

However, the most important bit has to be glitter. I am pretty much synonymous with anything glittery, fizzy and shiny. So naturally, I had some of the shimmer for prosecco. Pre-warned, you may get ID-ed for this, despite it containing no alcohol.

Festive Fizz

Rose gold prosecco – what’s not to love?

The exact same principle for Festive Fizz can be done for Gingle Bells. Literally, lay out your gins, make use of the cut fruit for the fizz and ta-da Gingle Bells. Just for added cheese, I did also have a jar filled with actual gingle bells. As mentioned in my Festive Decor post, the jumper on the gin is an old wine one!

My flat is ideal for entertaining, one of the many reasons I fell in love with it when I bought it. My Mum and Dad have always thrown amazing parties and get togethers, so I am slowly following in there footsteps! What’s better than having friends round for a drink and some nibbles?