Fie’s Friday | Basil Gin Smash

Summer months lends itself well to lemons and gin. Add in some basil, and you have the rather refreshing Basil Gin Smash.

Trust me this is a drink that doesn’t sound like it will work, but really does. Refreshing and slightly sour all in one gin infused drink.

Basil Gin Smash Ingredients


    • 2 shots of gin – I used Hendricks, but have found Botanist to also work
    • 1.5 shots of sugar syrup
    • Juice of 1/2 a lime
    • Handful of Basil

To make your Basil Gin Smash, do as the drink says. Smash (or muddle) your Basil leaves with the lemon juice in your cocktail shaker, creating a green juice mix! Then add in the sugar syrup, add in some ice, pour in the gin and shake.

I double strained this drink, to ensure any basil bits were left behind. Double straining as you can imagine, requires two sieves, a small sieve directly over the glass, and the typical cocktail strainer over the Boston shaker.

Basil Gin SmashGarnish with some basil leaves.

You could totally persuade yourself that this drink is almost healthy, it has lemon and is green, so obviously healthy!Basil Gin Smash
Alternatively, you could make the Basil Gin Smash in a long version, simply serve in a high ball glass. Add lots of crushed ice and top with either soda water or lemonade.