Catchup and Fake Birthdays.

So my life is slightly hectic at the minute, from exam results to cheer weekend, to a mountain of coursework, dissertation work and 6 modules, I am struggling to fit everything in.

One of my best-friends from Dubai, Abby came down for a flying 24 hour visit. I hadn’t seen her in almost a year, so was lovely to catch-up and have a gossip. Confession, all we did was eat.

It started with Sprinkles, where else can you get ice cream at any time of the day in Southampton?

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 09.05.43

After dragging Abby to cheer training, it was dinner time. We opted for the local Mexican, LaBaronia. We spent the whole night beaming not sure if it was because of the pitcher of Mojito or The Killers playlist. Having gone to The Killers when we were both 17, it was like a time-warp. We shared chicken fajitas, and some spicy crab and avocado fishcakes.


The next morning, I went to my 10 o’clock lecture, good student points and then we decided it was brunch time. Trago Lounge is another Portswood delight, and we both had amazing breakfasts. I opted for the Lounger, a non-greasy full English whilst Abby had pancakes.



Abby and I then nipped home to grab her stuff, and decided to find coffee somewhere away from the chains. We stumbled upon No. 4, which served the best iced coffee I have had in the UK! The restaurant is a coffee shop during the day, complete with sandwiches and tray bakes, then turns into a wine and cheese bar at night. I will defintiely be returning at night!


On Friday night/Saturday morning Ben is a year older. He is a leap year baby, which makes birthday’s sort of awkward. He is 5.5 this year. We are going home to his parents, for a weekend away from Uni and to chill out. We haven’t got that much planned for his birthday, going to wait till he turns 6 and has an actual birthday. When he turned 5 {20}, 2 years ago we did celeberate properly complete with this cake!