Cirque Du Soleil | Draloin.

Well Cirque did not disappoint, Saturday was my perfect day. Cirque followed by a yummy Thai dinner at Chaophraya in the heart of Manchester city centre.

My outfit of the day featured a trench coat, yellow skirt and white shirt! Simple but dressy enough to go out for dinner.

Cirque was playing in the phones4u arena, no photos were allowed during the show.

The stage may look simple, but towards the middle of the performance the back set transforms into a trampoline with people quite literally jumping off the walls.

My favourite bit had to be the skipping ropes, not at all like what we did in school.

For dinner we booked at Chaophraya and started in the bar, I had a raspberry based vodka cocktail whilst Ben had a g&t, apparently Saturday had been world gin day!

Now for the best bit, the food. For starters we shared the asian platter, complete with duck salad, spring rolls, tempura prawns, chicken satay and beef. The soy/ginger/ sauce was so simple yet amazing.

Ben and I visited the Glasgow branch last summer and the table next to us had the mixed meat grill. Ben hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Essentially, swinging meat on a pendulum complete with whisky sauce which is set on fire. The plate includes steak, prawns, lamb, chicken and grilled vegetables.

Served with 2 curry sauces, green curry and panang. I would definitely recommend it! A great way to have plenty of meat and various types of curries! We also shared a phad thai.

So good, as you can see I particularly liked both sauces…

After, we wandered around Manchester and ended up in the BrewDog bar. BrewDog is a brewery that is located in my grandparent’s hometown of Ellon in Aberdeenshire. BrewDog have various bars across the country and great beer.