Fies Friday | Glaswegin

Glaswegin, literally what it says on the bottle. Glaswegian gin. Gin made in Glasgow. Glaswegian + gin = Glaswegin. Initially bought for the name alone.


My love for gin is no secret. The perfect G&T, is one of lifes simple pleasures. Whether it is in a balloon glass, a tumbler or out of a can. Admit it we have all had a train can or two! This gin however, was entirely bought due to the branding. Credit to the Glaswegin marketing team. When I first saw it on Instagram, I knew I had to have it.

The bottle is definitely a keeper, so simple yet so eye catching. As to be expected, the gin is distilled locally in Glasgow.

As described on the website:

Bottled and distilled in an artisan still in the heart of Glasgow, our Scottish craft gin features a unique blend of gin botanicals, resulting in an inimitable flavour. Glaswegin is a Scottish gin, inspired by the no-nonsense style of the city of Glasgow and its people, best served with a fuss-free tonic and a classic gin garnish.


For this weeks Fies Friday, I kept it classic. How else to first taste a gin but with tonic? The suggested serve was with apple and mint. So you get some of your five a day by the end in the form of gin soaked apples. I really enjoyed this gin!

Definitely have had a few people ask where they can get it!