Fies Friday | Passion Fruit Bramble

After the inaugural Fies Friday, I found myself looking forward to making another cocktail. This week it was the Passion Fruit Bramble. Or as my brother would say, a very basic cocktail. Basic as in millennial basic.

Passion Fruit is my favourite drink. Combine with gin and it’s basically my ideal cocktail. Making the Passion Fruit Bramble was surprisingly easy. I bought some sugar syrup as all drinks seem to require it.

The recipe for a Passion Fruit Bramble:

  • 2 shots of Gin
  • 1 shot of lemon juice
  • 1 shot of Passoã
  • 1 shot of sugar syrup

Then just shake, shake, shake in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Technically, you are meant to also add crushed ice to the glass but I didn’t have any. So full sized iced cubes had to do. I also added half of the passionfruit into the cocktail shaker so there was pips throughout the drink, as well as the other half for the all important decor.

The tumbler I used was a hand me down from my Grandma and Grandad. The perfect size for a Passion Fruit Bramble. Slightly different from the squash I used to drink out of the tumbler as a kid. Just as refreshing though.

Any ideas or suggestions for future drinks? On my list is an espresso martini, ginlet, mojito, Tom Collins. So that basically takes me to mid February.