Fie’s Friday | Watermelon Gin Martini

Watermelon Gin Martini

I finally got to visit Red Sky Bar, and had a watermelon gin cocktail that got stuck in my head. So the closest Friday after, you bet I made a watermelon based drink. With what else, gin? An oh so simple watermelon gin martini.

Ever want to know the set-up that goes into these cocktail photos? Yes, I set-up old kitchen tiles to create the shots. Is it perfect? No. Does the join irritate me? Yes. My Mum timed it takes 15 minutes to create the cocktail and take the photos…

Flamingo Fie's setup

Ingredients, a standard Fie cocktail:

  • 2 shots of Gin
  • 1.5 shots of sugar syrup
  • Cubes of watermelon, I used 3 sticks worth
  • I would in hindsight, add some lemon juice

Watermelon Gin Martini Ingrediets

Oh  the  concentration!

Start by muddling your watermelon, the longer you muddle, the more juice and stronger in terms of watermelon flavour, your watermelon gin martini will be.

Watermelon Gin Martini making

Then as standard, add in your alcohol, sugar syrup and shake, shake, shake.

I double strained the mixture, and finally worked out the right angles to film it!

Presentation is key as with any cocktail. Note the loud YES, as I finally get it to work. This was the 3rd piece of watermelon used to create the garnish for the martini!

Got to get those angles. Yes there are two glasses, I do the first photo with a non-chilled glass, whilst I chill the actual serving glass with ice and water.

The watermelon gin martini – a thing of beauty!

Watermelon Gin Martini

Watermelon Gin Martini