Cookbooks for Presents.

My love for cooking has been well represented on the blog. With friends turning 21 and 22 this year and finishing uni and about to start grad jobs, cookbooks seem like a great present idea. A hardbound cover with classic recipes will last for years and inevitably become a go to book.


Delia’s Complete How To Cook – Delia Smith

My Mum has always had these books in the house, but in 3 separate books. Whilst visiting my Aunt in London, I stumbled upon Books for Cooks, which is as it says a bookshop purely of cookbooks. My idea of heaven. I found all 3 versions in one book and it is heavy. This is the definition of a classic book, yes it teaches you how to boil an egg. But it is great for any british recipe and dinner party classics.

GQ Eats: The cookbook for men with seriously good taste – Anthology

If you are like Ben, and think you are a bit of a foodie and are obsessed with looking good, this is a book for you. From pub classics to breakfasts, to fancy dinners, this has everything. The food photography is amazing as you would expect from GQ. If you are giving it as a present for your boyfriend, put a sticky note on the recipes you like as a dinner date hint!

The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days – Tarek Malouf

Have a bit of sweet tooth and obsession with cupcakes? Yeah, me too. This book has it all, from earl grey cupcakes to red velvet cake to blondie brownies. I have tried and tested more recipes in here than I would like to admit, and love every one of them. Add in a couple of cupcake liners and present sorted.

Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey – Rick Stein

Ben’s housemate Joe, loves this book. All of the recipes look and smell amazing and this book is another great for foodies. Particularly those who have travelled to Asia and fell in love with the food.

Jerusalem – Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

Middle Eastern food is my favourite. Give me some fresh hummus and some pitta bread and I’ll be happy and quite. Garrick, who is on my MSc introduced me to this book when he taught me the secrets of hummus. His secret? He used this book. Recipes vary from soup to lamb to cake.

Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian – Madhur Jaffrey

Perfect for a vegetarian friend or anyone who just needs to eat more vegetables. As expected recipes from every region of the world, so an unlimited way of spicing and cooking your vegetables.