Currently Listening to: Avalanche City

Our New Life Above the Ground

You know when you hear a song in a random place, in this scenario in the gym changing rooms. You know full well you recognise the song and can broadly place it but not fully. Well I had this when Love, Love, Love came on. I attempted to Shazam it on my phone, but to no avail as the speakers were to far away. A quick google of the lyrics later and I had placed the artist to be Avalanche City.

After coming home I found I already had the album. Turns out I had listened to this album on repeat during my second year at university, as had the majority of the top floor of the house I lived in. A quick text to old housemates and we were all smiling at the memories of just how often we listened to this album, made coffee and procrastinated from doing actual work.

Avalanche City have since released a new album We Are for the Wild Places. Both albums are going to be on repeat this month!