Chilling Out.

Lately I have been extremely stressed out, and exhausted and massively struggled to switch off at night. Consequently, I am struggling to focus and keep the end goal of my Masters in sight. I’d like to just thank my parents, Ben and his parents for helping me cope! A weekend away at Ben’s house was definitely needed to re-charge and get away from Uni.


1. Write a To-Do List.


Planning really helps me to keep track of what to do, and break down major pieces of coursework into subtasks.

2. Have a bath.


A great way to just escape for a while, put some music on and just not be constantly connected to social media.

3. Pour a glass of wine, or tipple of your choice, light a candle and put your glasses on.


Take a break for a night, beyond 10pm chances are I am not being productive. Relaxation to me, is a Friday night with a candle and wine, and my glasses as my eyes tend to be knackered from over-exposure to a screen.

4. Drink some fresh fruit juice.


The hit of vitamins tends to wake people up, and remind them of a nice warm sunny holiday!

5. Paint your nails.


The 10-15 minutes involved in painting nails, helps me stop thinking about what I was doing. Choosing a bright colour also helps to distract me from being stressed, neon is always the right answer.