Exams start next week. I am still in the middle of some coursework this week, then on to revision when my final deadlines are in!

This will be my view for the next 3 weeks!


Some small things that help me through revision

1. Ben Howard. I listen to his album on repeat all day, everyday.

2. Coffee, iced or hot. Just give me caffeine! (My personal favourite Pact Coffee}


3. Healthy revision snacks, carrots and hummus being my absolute favourites.


4. Drinking enough water

5. Try and get some exercise. I am currently doing two 45 minute spins a week, a great revision break!


I have definitely learnt with revision, to get into a good sleeping pattern. If you are tired, and it’s late just go to bed. Don’t try to fight sleep.

Good luck if anyone else has exams!