Snoozy Sundays.


Happy Sunday! This is the first Sunday I have the chance to just be lazy and spend the day in bed.

Today’s plans include:

Read the Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I am currently in the middle of it, and haven’t had the chance to finish it. Hoping to finish it soon, to bring my bookcount to 3!

Light this Diptyque Eucalyptus candle. My nose is constantly blocked and full of cold, gross but true, this candle is a great way to clear the airways.

Drink Pact Coffee. A guilty pleasure, amazing beans or ground coffee delivered straight to your door. I only indulge in this every other month, it’s slightly too pricey for a student.

Snuggle in this M&S dressing gown. There is no better way to keep warm.

Wear these super soft M&S pyjamas. A matching set makes it okay to stay in your pjs all day. The pyjamas are from the Rosie for Autograph range, I love every single piece.

Enjoy what ever you do with your Sunday.