Sunday Lunch at The Marcliffe.

Last Sunday was my Dad’s birthday. My Mum booked Sunday lunch at The Marcliffe to celebrate. Since my brother and I are at university at opposite ends of the country, it is rarely all four of us for dinner!

I love the different sizes of wine.


The lunch takes place in the conservatory, we were lucky enough to be seated in a circle table in a corner, perfect for talking.


My Mum is the cause for my love of confetti. We decided to decorate the table with some “Happy Birthday” confetti. Much to my Dad’s disgust. A few years ago, we hid 50 confetti everywhere including his work briefcase. He is still finding bits of confetti to this day…

For stater Dad and I had a prawn and crab fishcake with pineapple salsa which was amazing.

My Mum and Grant had sweetcorn and chicken chowder. The bowl was huge!

I loved the chandelier.

For main I had sea-bass with chorizo and mussels. Such a good dish, I would love to learn to cook to such a high standard.

After main course, we decided to actually take some family photos. Although we didn’t manage one of all four of us.

Dessert was cheesecake and macarons, my favourite.

Grant had always promised my Mum a glass of champagne. He managed to fully surprise my parents, by pre-ordering and paying at the bar for two glasses which the waiter delivered. My Mum was speechless for the first time ever. Grant fully got my Mum on this occasion. Grant 1 – Parents 0.


I then ended up with all of my parent’s wine.

The Marcliffe don’t do cakes for birthdays, you can bring your own. However, they did give my Dad some macaroons which I was lucky enough to eat!