Daydreaming in Heathrow.

Heathrow is a dangerously wonderful place for a student. As soon as you step out of security, you are greeted by Harrods and World Duty Free. Otherwise known as my main downfall. I love designer things, just not the price tags.

Having got on a bus at 6am, my face was not a pretty sight, tired and makeup-free. I was in desperate need of some new foundation, my Bobbi Brown foundation from last June had finally run out. I went over and got a free makeover, which left me feeling human again! The lady who did my makeup, made my day as she said I was still a 2.5 in the Skin Foundation. A year and half ago I was a 3.5… I had half expected to go down the range and be a 2, so I’m happy with a 2.5.


I also purchased a new Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush, as my old one broke a few months ago. So excited to start using eyeliner again.

Next stop, Clarins. (Totally ignoring the student budget at this point.) My Mum is a bit of a Clarins brat and she kindly passed it on to me. Picked up a Hydra-Matte Lotion, much needed for my skin as I am so stressed.

Final call, St Tropez for some Everyday Body Gradual Tan. I love being tanned, cheer weekends have the added bonus of spray tans, but they fade all to quickly. The gradual tan is a great idea for the upcoming summer months, so my legs aren’t quite so ghostly. Probably should be using a light/medium, but will use it sparingly. Promise.

After admitting I couldn’t spend any more it was off to breakfast at Giraffe. The orange juice and coffee were delicious. Really fresh juice and a strong roast.

However, the smoked salmon and eggs was disappointing. Poorly presented, the eggs were too creamy for my taste and the service was a get the customer in, feed and out mantra. Not my favourite, but airports don’t have the best catering options.

My flight was then delayed for an hour, so I did some proper daydreaming…

Now back home in Aberdeen for some much needed home comforts.