Rainy Day Essentials.


It’s been raining in the UK, a lot. The mornings that I wake up and the ground isn’t wet are few and far between. Apart from the last weekend, which was full of sunshine! Some of my go to essentials, for trying to create a preppy look in the rain are below.

1. Zara Trench Coat.
Ben bought me a trench for my Birthday last year, in the summer sales in Manchester. I lived in this throughout my internship and it’s the perfect coat for current temperatures and onset of downpours!

2. Whistles Neon Yellow Scarf.
Neon and anything bright tend to be my go to impulse buys much to the disgust of my friends. I stumbled upon this gem, in London in Whistles.

3. Crew Oxford Shirt.
A preppy classic, an absolute favourite of mine for dressing up with jeans. Add a statement or pearl necklace and you are good to go .

4. Hunter Wellies in Navy Gloss.
I bought these, admittedly on a whim when I was told the rain was meant to be the worst the UK has ever seen last November. The storm never really hit Southampton. I still think these are worth every single penny, I love the colour, can be paired with black and dark denim.

5. Dark Hollister Jeans.
I bought these jeans in first year, 4 years later they are still going strong. Although they have started to lighten.

6. Umbrella.
Can’t go wrong with a basic black umbrella, I tend to pick mine up from Accesorize or Sainsbury’s.